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Urban Decay 24/7 liner pencil swatches



Uzi, Zero, Perversion, Woodstock, Asphyxia, Rockstar



Lust, Ransom, Binge, Flipside, Electric, Mildew, Stash



Maui Wowie, Whiskey, Demolition

I really, really want Graffiti!

What is your favorite UD 24/7 liner?

New Hair and Contest!

I got my hair cut, for those of you who didn't know... It is my first real hair cut in a few years that I have actually liked, and my first in a while that is not just a trim...
Any who yak yak yak.

Also, if you want to see how odd it looks after I wear my food-handling hat all day, watch my contest video on my YouTube!  (make sure if you decide to participate that your participation comments go on the YT VIDEO, not this blog, since I am drawing the random winner via random.org....... any other comments can be left here ;p )

Anyway, I know it is shitty quality, but I don't care.  I just got a new camera and haven't quite figured it out yet... I actually have several new cameras, but that is for another blog.
For those of you who follow me on social networking sites, and not just my blog, you probably already know that I am having a lot of issues with my hands (which is the reason for not posting makeup looks as often as I should/would like to...) but it is also the reason that I have this blog post for you!
While trolling Walgreens, waiting for my prescriptions to be filled, I have found some really cute/awesome products... Some that I have not tried yet, and some that I have and LOVE!  On one particular trip, I saw the Rimmel Spring 2012 Union Jack quads, and since I am a total UK geek (no, I haven't actually been lol), I HAD to get something.  I am a package-buyer, I don't care how awesome your product is, if it has shitty presentation, I don't want it... I will even try a mediocre product if it has appealing packaging.
If you are looking up the quads online, most of the pictures you are going to see look like this:

Which look really bright, amazing, and some almost questionable about their wearability according USA FDA standards.  In reality the quads look a lot closer to this (this pic is still pretty dark to me, but it is what it is!):

Anywho, since I wasn't sure how much I was going to love the quality, I grabbed the True Union palette (pink, blue, navy, and white), a cream-to-powder compact in Out of The Blue, and .... THEY ACTUALLY HAD Purple Shock eyeliner.  I grabbed a couple of other things from other brands, but I haven't used those, so... we'll save it for another time!

Read more...Collapse )

Rimmel of London True Union quad, Hard Candy lipgloss.

Over all, I am really happy with my Rimmel of London products... so happy that I went back and got the "Black Cab" and "Purple Reign" quads.

MSC Holiday Winner!

I am so glad that I did not have to choose a look to win this contest, all of you ladies did such a great job with your interpretations!  With that said, random.org has spoken!
The winner of one MSC pigment of her choice is srh85

Shena used a random nude, and Madd Style Cosmetics' Star Gazer, Nirvana, Lotus Bloom, and Spooky Girl on top of Hard Candy primer, NYC eyeliner, & Maybelline's Falsies Black Drama mascara.
Shena, please either send me a message via livejournal, or an email to kisszombies@gmail.com with your mailing address and pigment choice!

And again, thank you so much to those of you who participated and promoted!  I will be breaking in the New Year with a new contest, so check back soon!

MSC Winter Game!

I decided to do a fun little giveaway while I am in the middle of finding out how I injured my hand and getting it fixed. 
*The majority of products used must be MSC
*Participants will list all colors used that are MSC by name, and other brands by color description (light pink, dark blue, etc) only.
*The winner will be chosen randomly from all participants via random.org
*Prize is ONE pot of MSC pigment of the winner's choice; pigment will be sent directly from MSC headquarters.
*Entries will be accepted through 12/26
*Winner will be announced 12/29 and will have 48 hrs to contact me before a new winner will be drawn.

OKAY!  Now, here is the low down.  I am posting below a word-only "tutorial".  That's right, it will be in the same format as my video tutorials, but there will be no images to help you!  Since the winner is being chosen randomly, any/all skill levels are more than welcome to play!  Once you have completed your look, post it to the MSC Facebook fan page. Make sure you list what colors you've used in your photo description.  After your photo is uploaded to the fanpage, come back to my blog and leave a comment with the link to your photo!

What you need:
Nude Pigment
Green pigment
Blue Pigment
Black Pigment
White Pigment
Application Brushes
--Any other products YOU choose (primer, base color, Awesome Sauce, liners, mascaras etc)

1.  Apply your Nude Pigment from your lash line to mid eyelid, blend upwards as you go.
2. Apply your Green Pigment above the Nude on the inner half of your eyelid, blend as you go.
3. Apply your Blue Pigment to the outer half of your lid, blend as you go.
4. Apply the Black Pigment to your crease, however you like, to create a dramatic shadow.
5. Apply your White Pigment to your inner corner and brow bone.
6. Finish your look with any other products that you use.

I am really looking forward to seeing what shades you choose, and how you interpret the instructions (this will really help me learn how to describe what I am doing better, as well)

P.S. This picture is just for LOLz since it shows color variance, but is not boring.

UGH! New Monster High Dolls

I have been struggling to find a Ghoulia, Clawdeen, and Abbey original dolls (large box) in-stores to make sure their hair and clothing is not messed up, and just found out that a new doll, Cupid, is coming out in the Sweet 1600 line.

I might cave and buy her from the Sweet 1600 line, because I highly doubt she will be released in a large-box original doll, which is my current collection.
Yay! It's time for our second installment of how to wear black eyeshadow!  Today we are going to start off by talking about complimentary colors.  A complimentary color is the color that sits exactly across the color wheel from the color you pick.  With so many tertiary, quartiary (I made that word up), and so on and so forth colors, it can get a little messy, so I am only going to show you a wheel that goes to the tertiary level.  If you are not sure what the complimentary color would be for a not-quite-purple-not-quite-pink-wtf-are-you-color, you can usually use basic color knowledge to find a suitable match.

So let's say you do have that color (because just the other night I moved one color around 100 times organizing my makeup since I couldn't choose pink or purple for it's category)
The opposite of pink (light red, it might have other hues) would be a light green.  You really could use ANY green, but to be a true compliment, they should be the same saturation.  The opposite of purple is yellow.  Okay. so the middle ground between green and yellow is yellow green.  Now you know your complimentary color for your deviant pigment.

In this tutorial, we are not going to use TRUE complimentary colors, because, well, this tutorial is for wearing black eyeshadows (or close to it).

I have a few different looks I did, just to show, but the color combinations are only limited by your makeup collection.

Radar Love with Misfits and Moonbeams.
Radar Love is a nice soft pink, while M&M is a black with a deep green flitter.  The first picture, it has kind of a green sheen/tint just from the glitter and undertones, while the second picture looks pretty solid black.

Penny Arcade with Glitter and Doom
Glitter and Doom is a VERY deep blue-toned purple.  It looks almost black in the jar, and you can build it to an almost black on your lid, like I did, for a nice color contrast against the yellow of Penny Arcade.  It LOOKS black because yellow is purple's complimentary color... but if you saw my FrankenGlitter tutorial, you know that G&D is NOT black.

Dreamsicle with Taransula (this is today's tutorial!)
Dreamsicle is a light, matte orange and Taransula is a navy blue...it looks almost black in the jar, but you can tell it's not quite a true black.  Next to orange, you can't really tell that this is navy unless you have an expert eye for colors.

Ok, now for the tutorial! (sorry for the blurry photos at the beginning, I did this tutorial at night and didn't realize that the flash was making it blurry)
What you need:
Black and white bases
Madd Style Cosmetics:
Sprinkle Mist
Eyeliner (solid and liquid)
Eyeshadow Brush
Angled Eyeshadow Brush

See how!Collapse )

What you need:
Primer *I use Urban Decay Primer Potion*
Eyeshadow brushes
Madd Style Cosmetics in:
Tank Girl
Grape Fizz
Glitter and Doom
Matte White
Bone Daddy Dust *or Sparkle Motion*
Black eyeliner (liquid AND regular)

See How!Collapse )

This look was named by my fellow Madd Model, Ana.  Check her out here: http://www.youtube.com/user/HKMK76
ALL of her recent Madd Mondays are Halloween looks!

that black shadow. Look #1 - Clean Lines

Ok, first and foremost, let's talk about buildability, I mentioned it in my Rainbow Eyes, so we will go in depth since you need it for this one!
Buildability (is that a word?) is what I use to refer to how light/dark you can make a pigment by adding, or BUILDING, on to itself.  One thing I love about Madd Style Cosmetics is that 99% of her pigments are buildable.  I can have a light/translucent color, or I can build the color up until BAM! full color payoff.
Keep in mind that once you reach your full color payoff, there isn't a way to get more color *unless you already used a colored base in that same color range*
For the love of all things I did in my teen angst, the one thing I DID regret was raccoon eyes.  No, you cannot see my 12 yr old "punk rock, goth, whatever" self, everything about how I did makeup was wrong, and even though most of what I did wrong was intention, the coon eyes were NOT.  Instead, maybe you can troll your local mall and see some coon eyes in real life... if you think it might be raccoon-y in the not-so-cute-way, it probably is.   You CAN, however, enjoy this low quality picture of me pretending to be full of angst, woe is me, mehh in actually GOOD mostly black eyemakeup, which is our tut for the day.

I wouldn't want someone to give up their love of black eyeliner and eyeshadow just because it is time to "grow up", and you really don't even have to do a smokey eye.  In this look, it's ALL ABOUT piling (building) that black up!
By using a couple of clean lines and a highlighter, you totally avoid the crack whore myspace look....... OK HERE WE GO!

Things you need:
Tape/sticky note/index card
MSC Matte Stack, or a white, medium grey, and black pigment
TWO clean shadow brushes at least.

See how!Collapse )

You should end up with something similar to this:

Now go finish your face!!

P.S. If you like the idea of the clean, angled line, here is a video with a few other looks that I did NOT soften the line of... or you can just use my videos to listen to rad music... either way!



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